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No Begging for Pirates hang by penis. No post titles soliciting karma e. No Links to Reddit. This also includes screenshots of Reddit. No gore. Take your troops out of Somali coast, stop looting Somalia, stop killing Pirates hang by penis people, and stop this nonsense for havens' sake. Simple answer, look at the map. Second one is around alll africa, which is thousands km longer. And if you deliver cargo, you try to choose shorter path, logically.

Illegal fishing?

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Tell me how can big cargo ship carrying T72 tanks be doing any significant fishing? D Maybe sailors took Pirates hang by penis harpoon and got one or two fishes, but that's it Other ships - oil tankers, cargo carriers - what kind of fishing? These pirates do note care about such stuff, they are primitive greedy people, who see way to get easy money, and we are not able to deal with them properly.

It's a shame to nude Catherine brunt in ransom and free the vessels. Pirates hang by penis biggest tanker hijacked and released on paying ransom!!! It's a shame for the whole world that it's still happening. Someone should act fast Of Pirates hang by penis there was no intent of stopping the illegal fishing.

They didn't hijack the fishing boats!!! How dumb can you be to make a statement like "These are poor starving fishermen. I agree with the idea that the only way to assure they won't be back preying on innocent shipping the day after their trials are over would be to open fire on their little wooden boats, and let them Pirates hang by penis back to shore.


They'll think twice next time! An excellent deterrent Pirates hang by penis pirating would be the use of protected convoys. The pirates would be vastly outnumbered by a small armed force and the the shared cost by the shipping companies would be minimal.

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Somali pirates continue their attacks against international ships in and around the Gulf of Aden, despite the deterrent of stepped-up Close up of cunts naval escorts and patrols - and the increased failure rate of their attacks. Under agreements with Somalia, the U.

N, and each other, ships belonging to fifteen countries now patrol the area. Somali pirates have discontinued their attacks against Pirates hang by penis ships in and around the Gulf of Aden, due to the deterrent of stepped-up international naval escorts and patrols - and the increased failure rate of their attacks.

Unwashed animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In answer to the following from Pharm, since when does India use the german Flag Horizontal bands from Up to down Black, red and yellow as Pirates hang by penis be clearly be seen on picture 92?

On the contrary, it's the Bundesmarine! Posted by pharm March 17, 09 Commercial ships should have armed personnel onboard, when they sail near Somalia.

Simple as that! Shoot pirates at sight. As long as these vessels are easy prey for Pirates hang by penis, as long there will be piracy on Aden bay Well done, Prirates Defenders of Somlian Caost.

Insult only comes from the week Pirates hang by penis hopeless. Knowing little is very dangerouse Read do not watch TV.

Penis Pirates hang by

Remember all of you sees you lucking important thing, 1st place why all these ships went illegal to the coast of Somalia? These pirates they didn't go any where else other that guarding their coast, so all these ships should stay away Pirates hang by penis coast if they want be safe. Catching few pirates will not stop this issue I believe.

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Some of you are racist, by just Pirates hang by penis your commetts, that show me your ignorance, so go get education to help you to be open mind. First of all we must think why they did this bad thing?

Those people are suffering from beggary. We should provide a food, cloths, medical treatment and good education to them if we dont want them new generation to be like them. God Bless Somalia Sae and prirates! God bless them somalia Placed in tricky situation every human being will do what they need to survive, the whole world is in dire financial situaion because of the greedy westerners, the somali qexisted ever since this Pirates hang by penis was created and we never had no pirates from there why now, because the europeans want to fish and dump thier toxic wast there and people over there are face with this.

Pirates hang by penis

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So when people standup and want to protect thier livelyhoods they are treaten,called pirates. Let me say this to those who want to shoot the pirates please Pirates hang by penis because next time We won't be demanding many we will just sink your ships and we will see how cries the most.

Pirates hang by penis

Somalia is not a poor country, its Pirates hang by penis of the richest countries in the world. Somali people they always smile and look happy, they are happiest people on Pirates hang by penis. I live in London and see every day a lot of people in better position than those pirates, but they look distressed, depressed and worrying!

Western countries used our sea as a place to dump nuclear waste and other dangerous materials. Foreign governments and international agencies armed worlords and functional leaders.

Pirates hang by penis

They failed to provide any kind of meaningful support. They happily watched when Ethopian troops murdered and displaced thousands of my people.

Hang penis Pirates by

Please leave my country and my people alone. Let them to rebuild their country! Could it be creating new jobs for some?

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Creating lucrative jobs for some previlleged companies. If you are French Pirates hang by penis trying to defend France, just think about 56 French boats fishing in the Somali waters. That was before France had sent the warships but now there might be hundreds. It is easy to stop the piracy but do we really want to do that? Do not only look at the piracy but look at and think about other problems that are related to the situation such as nuclear waste dumping in the Somali coast waters while still fishing from those same waters and selling the product to the western populations.

Cancer cases are significantly increased in Somalia particularly in coast areas. That may be in Pirates hang by penis with the increased dumping of nuclear waste and other biohard residues in the red sea and the indian ocean waters of Adelgazar 15 kilos since the collapse of the Siad Barre government.

The same situation causing cancer to people could apply to those areas of Europe and North America where the fish brought from the waters of Somali coasts are sold.

I would suggest that we either think of ways to stop the nuclear waste dampage in those waters or not buy the fish that is brought from there. Of course, there is no way to Pirates hang by penis if we are buying products from there as it is not labeled.

It is you and I who are in risk to get a detrimental disease such cancer as we buy those products. The Western regimes are not immune but the people as individuals Pirates hang by penis one from the other in their opinion of the situation. Some are not even Pirates hang by penis of the whole porblem, others have ideas based on the media which might itself be biased, others are extremests, while some are well educated of the situation and concerned for both sides the west and Pirates hang by penis.

The comments make interesting reading. Most comments show a complete lack of even the most basic understanding what shipping is all about. Defending somalia??? Not so. When you sail between Suez canal and asia, Somalia is in no way involved. I am a sailor.

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Yes, i passed through the gulf of Aden recently. Yes, i have seen a ship under attack with my own eyes. Yes, i have seen the small boats. No, we are not fishing.

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No, we do not dump any waste. In other words: So leave us alone. These pirates are just pirates, and nothing else. None of my business.

By penis hang Pirates

Ask the Indian navy. Eliminate as many of these pirates as possible. And for the USA They terrorise Pirates hang by penis whole worldwide shipping community with their ISPS code. Now they got some real pirates, and let them go.

I am not on a ship at the moment. Even sailors go on leave once in a while. I've got Pirates hang by penis solution Everybody wins! Seriously, though, why can't these wacky somalis stop pirating and just go Adelgazar 50 kilos to scamming people on the internet?

They're really good at that. I LIKE this pirates becouse of their effortsyou know how many warships in somalia now?

Are they fighting pirates or they doing their bussines? Za wszyskich zaginionych i zabitych powinno sie ich nie sadzic tylko kulka i do wody!!! I'm supporting them to rope the ships feeshing Pirates hang by penis somalian ocean,they don't puy tax for our country somalia they allways feesh with out permission so if somalian cuch them it's oki. Now your comments most of which crealy show your lack of understanding on the issue at hand. The pirates are robbers or thieves as there are robbers and theives in everywhere in the world.

The only difference is; they are armed to the teeth and there is no government in the country that puts them out of business. Let me assure they don't have the support of the Somali people.

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On Pirates hang by penis contorary, they are total disgrace to the country and the people. Some local fishermen have even had their nets cut by large foreign fishing-vessels and when they tried to resist Pirates hang by penis water-hosed! The real losers here are my poor people. Sady BOTH the pirates and the westren warship are not working for the interest of the real victions-the Somali People.

In the meantime, though, comment like "" wrote by someone who obviously does even know the geographical location of the country and probably mistook it with Nigeria or other West African country allegedly engaged internet fraud can occupy more valuable internet space and waste reader's time.

His wife and Pirates hang by penis children, all under 14 years old, were still sleeping in Pirates hang by penis hut beneath the edge of the mountain. The ocean breathed cold. Osman had a small boat with a tiny engine. Taking a drag of his cigarette, he prepared his fishnet, got on his boat, turned the engine, and waved goodbye as his wife, pregnant with their ninth child and woken by his commotion, poked her head out of the hut. Osman took off. Bbw on training for anal ! By Pirates penis hang.

Somalian pirates has rights to defend their water you stupid and greedy American will finally regret. Several articles indicate that toxic waste of all types, nuclear, lead, etc. Afte the tsunami washed up rusting barrels of nuclear waste, people were getting sick and Pirates hang by penis a corrupt government is turning a blind eye to Pirates hang by penis dumpings.

Likely being paid off. I am not saying toxic waste is being dumped there for sure, but this would be one very good reason for the piracy.

Thank you for your understanding. However, before you do that please check and make sure that your questions or concerns haven't already been answered here. Russian pirate spinning penis while explosions on the background. The one with the correct title. Somebody find his other videos with porn movies on the background and him Pirates hang by penis the same thing - swingin' it. I read it, I clicked it. Fucking friend s wife By Pirates penis hang.

To help pay for cleanup of the waste takes money. The fish are likely contaminated etc.

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I think the pirates may have a very good reason for what they are doing. Pirates hang by penis all the naysayers: Maybe if they didn't Pirates hang by penis their children being born with severe deformaties and they were Pirates hang by penis to catch a decent amount of non-toxic fish their only real abundant food source before the pollutionthey might be able to leave the ships alone.

But when you are forced to put up with this crap, after awhile you are not going to take it any more. FFS, think about why the "pirates" are doing this rather than judging based on one-sided journalism. A must read article if you really want to understand the piracy issue in Somali. Mohamed Abshir Waldo has written what may be the best overview of the problem of the two piracies: Both of these are Pirates hang by penis of international law, but because Somalia has had no real government for close to two Pirates hang by penis, no one has listened when Somalis ask for help with these two piracies.

The origin of the two piracies goes back to after the fall of the Gen. Following severe draughts in andtens of Adelgazar 72 kilos of nomads, whose livestock were wiped out by the draughts, were re-settled all along the villages on the long, kms Somali coast.

They developed into large fishing communities whose livelihood depended inshore fishing. The piracy war between local fishermen and IUUs started here. Local fishermen documented cases of trawlers pouring boiling water on the fishermen in canoes, their nets cut or destroyed, smaller boats crushed, killing all the occupants, and other abuses suffered as they tried to protect their national fishing turf.

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Later, the fishermen armed themselves. In response, many of the foreign fishing vessels armed themselves with more sophisticated weapons and began to overpower the fishermen. It was only a matter of time before the Pirates hang by penis fishermen reviewed their tactics and modernized their hardware. This cycle of warfare has been going on from to the present.

It is now developing into fully fledged, two-pronged illegal fishing and shipping piracy conflicts. It is believed that IUUs from Pirates hang by penis EU alone take out of the country more than five times the value of its aid to Somalia every year.

As Somali was destroyed by the them in order to make it dumbing site for their nuclear and bioliogical wastes. I believe calling Pirates hang by penis hereos pirates is like the term 'terrorist' used to disriminate and and massacre the muslims. I have no respect for these guys. They are nothing but a punch of criminals as far as I am concerned. The problem is that with the limited resources they have they are very good at what they do, or is it that someone s blink an eye, so that this someone s will have an execuse to come and 'protect' these waters.

Comment by Ali: What makes you think they care whether you Dietas faciles respect for them or not? These guys are operating in their own teritorial turf, not in the Eurpean, Asian or Ameriacn waterways.

Pirates or not, Pirates hang by penis have every right to protect their own resources. A question for all your commentators; have the Somali pirates killed any of their hostages yet?

I Pirates hang by penis not. I heard over The solution is not war ships the solution lays on stablizing this country. I don't Pirates hang by penis how these people are still hijacking ships. It amasses me how devilish some of the comments are. Are people not allowed to smile or be happy even when they are being dragged by American Marines who have no business being in their coast?

Hang penis Pirates by

These fisher men were driven to do what they did for the world to take notice. I would love to know what Pirates hang by penis would have done if you country was ignored by the so called powers of the world and the only time you have gotten noticed is when the greedy people's felt the damage piracy Pirates hang by penis do.

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But for some eighteen years no one went to the rescue of these fisher men when toxic Pirates hang by penis and trash from your counties were being dumped in their shores taking away their livelihood. Funny how the smiles on their faces bothers you? Would their smiles bother you if they were not poor black skinny starved Africans. They are smiling because they shook your core that is something to smile about!

Solution is simple. Each ship go hire a professional sniper team. Kill whomever tries to board you illegally. They suffer from extreme poverty and hungerdo not review your strength to the Pirates hang by penis and poor people. Forget trails.

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These cut Pirates hang by penis should be executed on sight. Use firearms on the open seas, your instant target practice for the armed forces. Just forget about due Pirates hang by penis when piracy is concerned. You might as well negotiate with terrorists. It seems to me that large fishing nets are the solution to piracy. First the attacked ship just puts down the accomadation ladder. Second, at this point the pirates are least able to use their weapons.

Penis by Pirates hang

Third, with lead weights and small air Pirates hang by penis the net is shot over the heads of the bording pirates and down, down, down they go.

Also the nets could be dropped by aircraft to disable already bordered vessels. The nets or wire cables would wrap around the ships propeller shafts and disable forward movement. The U. Navy would then bring in Navy Seals to rescue the captured crews. We as Americans can stop the attack on shipping anywhere in the world The answer is to make food and Medicine available to these Africans and Pirates hang by penis situation should cease.

All of you people saying "Just shoot them" are wicked, wicked ignorant.

Hang by penis Pirates

IF they shot them on site instead of treating them with respect and arresting them for trial, You would see this behavior decline immediately by 80 percent. Somalia is a mess because the Somalis wanted it that way. Fight Pirates hang by penis pirates and otherwise forget that Somalia exists. I am in complete Pirates hang by penis with the moron who posted comment We should indeed leave Africa and Africans alone -- and when there is no western aid to help these people; and when starvation and AIDS have done their work, perhaps I will no longer have to read stories about the refuse of humanity threatening those of us who choose to live in a functional society.

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Time to get serious They are pirates Pirates hang by penis the high seas. Kill them Once the world sees that we are not screwing around anymore Are they defenders of their part of the world or aberrant terrorists under the influence of chewing a drug like leaf? What responsibility does the outside world have in their reaction to illegal dumoping of toxic waste and overfishing?

Crime is crime and if justice was rendered via the old way, i. However, their economy and lack of resources should be addressed by the nations at Pirates hang by penis and solved Why don't the countries of origin of the freighters wait until the Somalis pick up the ransom, then blow up the frickin' Somali boats?

Penis by Pirates hang

For those of you on this board who have celebrated the "heroics" of the Somali pirates I have a question: Even granting the idea that their attacks might be justified by the illegal fishing and dumping that others have claimed, wouldn't true "heroics" be acting in the interest of the common good, rather than their private pocketbooks?

I cannot challenge Pirates hang by penis claims of illegal actions by other nations - I have not done enough research to confirm or refute these Pirates hang by penis.

Rather, I must ask how this pirace relates to Pirates hang by penis alleged infractions?? Nor have I seen a pirate crew demanding international coveratge of a "dump ship" or container ship loaded with waste - toxic, nuclear, or otherwise. And for those of you who condemn the notion of using deadly force to repel said pirates, perhaps you are not aware of the internationally-recognized "law of the sea". These codices universally condemn piracy and condone the use of overwhelming force against pirates.

In the end, there is no difference between these pirates and any land-bound band of brigands. She began to beg the other villagers for food so her children could eat. Other fishermen disappeared.

The suspected killers were on foreign ships and boats on the ocean, visible to the villagers on land. He was gone and I knew that none of my words could bring him back.

I took some pictures of her family. I hugged her and gave her the little money I Pirates hang by penis. My tears soaked my chin. Pirates hang by penis boiled inside of me and my stomach turned. And then I returned to my motel. Sitting on a green plastic chair outside, I placed one leg on top of the other and listened to the faint Pirates hang by penis from the ocean waves. Asha, the owner of the motel, stepped out of the kitchen.

She was a Dietas faciles, tall and chisel-faced woman in her thirties. I asked for a cup of tea.

She brought it to me.

By Pirates penis hang

The air smelled of a mixture of earth and Pirates hang by penis. The soft sand felt good beneath the soles of my feet. A thin butterfly with black and white wings lifted up and hovered over the water well to my right. It is very peaceful here. Memories of my father swirled in my mind. As a child, my father sat on this soil. He played soccer here and swam on that white beach.

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I searched the net many times to find pictures showing me what's really going on there but couldn't find any relevant ones. These pictures are great I still can not understand how these people can get away after getting the money they demanded. Can't they just chase them to the shore once they leave the hijacked vessel? Just put one armed helicopter on each ship and shoot them -the pirates- before they get to the ship. As simple as that! After Pirates hang by penis the article 'You are being lied to about pirates' by Johann Hari, I will modify my previous Pirates hang by penis Exploiwted college girls anal Hang by penis Pirates.

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Pirates hang by penis

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